Stonehenge Holdings

Kevin Matocha and Andrew A. Schatte formed Stonehenge Holdings, LLC with a common goal: to create a company that specializes in developments for public entities with an emphasis on Public Private Partnerships.

One of the attributes that distinguished Stonehenge from its competitors is the creativity the firm brings to the numerous development challenges inherent in every new project. In an era of deteriorating public infrastructure and ever-increasing budgetary constraints, governmental entities are facing significant challenges in fulfilling the demand for facility replacement as well as demand for new facilities created by growth. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) provide a means to provide the facilities
and infrastructure in a manner that is streamlined, cost effective and time efficient.

With a focus on strategic visioning and consensus building in the development of public private partnerships, our combined experience spans many years working with governmental entities as well as the private sector in commercial and residential development projects, technology centers, government office buildings, educational facilities, alternative education, and college campuses.

Sophisticated clients have a greater need today than in the past. There are large demands placed on an organization’s time, resources and owners. One of the ways we are able to meet those needs is to provide increased service through early involvement and management of all phases of
development. Our significant development experience has enabled us to assemble and execute strategic public and private commercial development projects that maximize value and return for our clients. Our ability to pinpoint the key issues in a project and to work through those issues in a way that is agreeable and beneficial to all parties involved is a recurring theme in transactions in which we are involved.

The Stonehenge team provides a long history of successful design, build and finance projects in both the public and private sector. We provide a sophisticated and innovative real estate partner that understands increasingly complex capital structures. Our relationships include some of the most respected architects, engineers, contractors, and investment bankers facilitating design, construction and financing across the United States.

We are committed to quality and exceptional service to our clients. It is this quality service with proven results that is the hallmark of our success.